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We provide a fun yet constructive driving lessons and driving test preparations at an affordable rate.

Toowoomba Driving School is a local business that has been around for more than a decade. We provide comprehensive and stress-free driving lessons in Toowoomba and surrounding suburbs. We have a team of highly-skilled and friendly certified driving instructors to help you pass the driving test with ease. Our curriculum and our teaching strategy focus not only on the theoretical aspects of driving but also put emphasis on building our trainees’ confidence in hitting the road. 

We have locally available, expert, and professional teaching staff who are friendly and patient with all our students. Whether its casual driving lessons or certifying lessons for a driving test, all our instructors are ready to provide you with a fun, enjoyable, learning experience that will help you deal with real-life on-the-road problems that you might face when you’re already hitting the road. 

So, if you need stress-free and effective driving lessons, call us at (07) 4243 6221 to find the best instructor for you!

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Accredited & Certified Instructors

All our instructors and trainers possess all the necessary certifications and passed all accreditation requirements. All are experienced in teaching too!

Personalized Curriculum

We adjust our curriculum based on our students' capabilities. We understand that different people learn differently at different levels.

Low & Affordable Tuition

We aim to provide the lowest and most affordable tuition rates in all Toowoomba. We believe that everyone deserves quality education.

High Quality Practice Cars

All our practice vehicles are new or in prestine condition. Our practice cars are very comfortable.


We know how busy people can be. So, we offer our students to schedule their lessons on their most comfortable time.

Drive Test Preparations

Our job ends when you pass the driving test. We will be with you all throughout the way.

Get your coveted driving license and hit the road fast!

We specialize in both theoretical and confidence-building lessons for our driving trainees.

All of our instructors are experienced in teaching. They know how to make each lesson memorable and fun. We have developed a fool-proof teaching strategy that guarantee you to remember most of the lessons you learn from our teachers.

With our years of experience, doing something yourself is the most effective way of learning how to do. We have developed a safe but effective real-world simulation exercises to help you overcome your fear of the road and ultimately pass the driving test.

People love the automatic car because it makes driving so easy. You can focus on keeping yourself and others safe rather than worrying about switching gears.

Your instructors are here to teach you how to easily operate an automatic, be aware of your surroundings and safely navigate through a range of different situations on the road. We’ll also help you identify when extra caution is needed on the road—whether it’s raining heavily or if there’s an emergency vehicle nearby that needs access. You will know exactly what do in these instances!

Driving Lessons Toowoomba gives you lots of feedback and works out any weaknesses during each lesson, so that when your driving test arrives all kinks have been worked out. We believe a confident driver is a safe one, which means practice makes perfect!

There are many reasons to choose a manual transmission over an automatic one, such as personal preference and positive feedback from others. Some people like the challenge of learning how to drive it properly; once done with that process they often feel empowered by their new skills and may seek out additional car-related challenges in order to continue developing those skills. Others want access for professional purposes – driving classic cars or working on them is easier if you know what’s going on under your hood! Finally, some just prefer having more control over the vehicle itself than simply letting technology do all of the work automatically – which can be dangerous when distractions arise (or even worse: malfunctions).

Learning to drive a manual car can seem like an insurmountable task, but at Driving Lessons Toowoomba we’ll teach you everything that there is to know about driving one. For instance, did you know how getting your car started on even ground? We will also show you tips and tricks for keeping the gears in good shape without grinding them down. With our safety-focused lessons, concise teaching style and detailed instructions; by the end of it all – not only would be able to get yourself around town with ease (in both manuals or automatics), but do so safely as well!

Throughout the driving lesson, your instructor will assess you so that by the end of it, they feel confident in giving you a passing grade on their test. You are an awesome student because if not for this program and its instructors working with students every day leading up to testing day, many people wouldn’t be able to pass these tests at all!

This course will focus on freeway driving, overtaking, gravel roads, safe lane changing for hills and corners. We’ll look at vision techniques that are crucial for thorough work on traffic light procedures as well as roundabouts. There will be 2 fifteen-minute breaks throughout the lesson where students can discuss braking distances to avoid crashes among other things too! Students are welcome to bring snacks along with a drink bottle during this intensive session which aims to equip them more thoroughly about how they should behave while out in public or when their license is tested upon completion of training courses like these one here.

At Driving Lessons Toowoomba, we make sure that every student has a positive learning experience. We provide lots of feedback and work on any weaknesses during each lesson so when the day of your driving test arrives all the kinks have been worked out. As a confident driver is also safe, it’s important to practice regularly in order for you to pass with ease and safety!

Toowoomba Driving Lessons

Automatic Driving

This course trains you to drive using an automatic vehicle. Once you graduate from this course, you will be able to drive on the busy roads of Toowoomba with confidence.

Manual Driving

Manual driving can sometimes be challenging even to those who already know how to drive automatic cars. After this course, you will be adept in driving manual vehicles.

defensive Driving

The one-day course is designed for anyone who has a learners permit or P1 licence and above, and attracts attendees of all ages and skill levels.

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As a new driver, you need to learn the basics of car control. This is usually taught in an open area with light traffic and few distractions. Your parents can sit down for your lessons so they know what’s going on!

Sometimes learners may have difficulty with some aspects of driving. Roundabouts, lane changing and reverse parking are all examples of where some people need extra help in the driver’s education process. Make sure to introduce techniques that take stress out when learning so you can learn more about how to drive safely!

Learning to drive safely is a huge responsibility. That’s why it takes more than just reading the DMV handbook and taking your test before you’re free to take control of an automobile on your own! Lucky for you, we have these great tips that will help make driving less scary while learning:

As soon as possible after turning 16, sign up with us here at Toowoomba Driving School to get started on lessons through our intensive six-lesson course designed specifically for new drivers. Once those are completed (and if successful) students can continue with five additional hours in preparation of their written exam or they may elect not to proceed any further upon completion which is 100% okay too! The main thing is knowing when enough time has been invested in order to become confident behind the wheels!

Lesson categories:

  • Car Automatic
  • Car Manual
  • Court Ordered Defensive Driving
  • Motorcycle (we have a 650cc Hyosung and 250cc Honda available)
  • MR or HR Manual Trucks

Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Toowoomba Driving School, we offer a very competitive rate. The tuition per session depends on varying factors such as the type of vehicle you drive and the availability of our insructors. In order to get an exact cost estimate of how much it would take you to enroll in our lessons, call us at (07) 4243 6221 to talk to our friend customer service representatives.

The amount of training and the number of session a student need to finish before taking the driving test is arbitrary to the students’ skill level and ability to digest lessons fast. There are students who only need to take at one or two sessions before taking the test and passing it. However, for some it might take up to 10 sessions.

Yes. Your driving instructor can sit with you in the car during your driving test. S/he is there to make sure that you are graded correctly and to eliminate any bias from the one who gives the test. However, your instructor is not allowed to talk during the entire duration of your test.

You will be asked to drive the car on a public road performing normal every day driving tasks such as turning right, turning left, changing lanes, reverse parking the car, performing 3-point turns. Apart from your driving skills, you will be evaluated for the ability to maneuver your vehicle in a busy area. You will also be tested on your ability to assess the speed and distance of approaching cars, identify road signs, sensors, signals and indicators of other vehicles on the road. The tester will also evaluate your skill to operate the car on top of keeping the law and safe procedures

All you need to do is to call us at (07) 4243 6221 or send an email to [email protected] to get started.

There are many reasons why drivers might want to take refresher driving lessons. If they have been away from the wheel for a while, or if it has been awhile since their last lesson, some people opt to refresh and rebuild skills with 3-5 hours of instruction.

Yes, all of our cars are equipped with dual controls for your safety and have been fully inspected and verified by the RMS (formerly RTA).


Toowoomba Driving Lessons wants their students to have a good time while learning how to drive. To achieve this goal, they provide an easy way for you switch between instructors if needed and ensure everyone goes through the same steps before having a lesson with them. Simply search for another instructor from your dashboard or the one on your instructor’s profile page and book online instantly!

Even if you’re a first-timer learning to drive, it is recommended that you try out an automatic because they are easier to handle than manuals. It would be best for beginners if they gain confidence and improve their road skills in the car with automatic transmission before trying manual. If want to learn how to drive stick shift but have never driven one before, then taking introductory lessons on driving automatics will help build your knowledge about them since cars equipped with these transmissions were originally designed as such particularly made for novices who haven’t yet learned how to operate manual transmission vehicles properly.

A normal lesson goes for 1 hour and your instructor will pick you up and drop you off. You can choose to have a double length session if you want to learn faster.